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Dr. Marco Chover
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In June 2011 Valencia will host the First International Congress on Updates and Advances in the Fields of Clinical Nutrition and Orthomolecular Medicine.

We will promote the scientific results obtained by the nutritional supplementation therapy and orthomolecular medicine and their therapeutic activity in preventive and predictive medicine. We will also report on clinical evidence from the results obtained when applying these therapies, their needs and the reasons for a loss of nutrients in foods and in the human body.

Nutritional supplementation and orthomolecular medicine contribute great benefits for our health. We know how beneficial nutrients are: Omega-3s are effective in inflammatory, neurovascular, and cardiovascular processes as well as in regulating lipid levels and blood fluidification.

The Congress will be an opportunity to update your knowledge, work with other health professionals and exchange experiences.

It will be an annual event, which will coincide with the third weekend of June. There will be simultaneous interpretation facilities into English and Spanish. The congress will be a day and a half activity, starting on Friday 17th at 2 pm and concluding on Saturday 18th at around 8 pm.

We hope you can attend and participate.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Antonio Marco Chover
President of the Congress

Phone: +34 96 382 61 64 / Fax: +34 96 382 63 28
SEDE: Hotel Silken Puerta de Valencia
Avenida Cardenal Benlloch, 28 - 46016 Valencia - SPAIN